High on Laughter| Sometimes Delusional  | Strong Desires for Aesthetical Shet| Horrible Procrastinator | Cat-Addict | Serious Case of Travel Lust| General Noob

Alecia is young, ignorant and doesn’t give two shits.

This blog is mainly to document her life through her turbulent teenage years and evidence for her to laugh at herself when she is 64 and unmarried.

If you ever take an interest in her and by God I don’t know why want to know more about her…

IMG_0223Attached is a summary of what Alecia is:

  • A midget measurements stop at 149cm
  • A daughter to two loving parents and a sister to two mean brothers (ok I admit that they are cute sometimes)
  • An insensitive friend but otherwise quite reliable
  • An avid reader of fanfiction (read: gay fanfiction)
  • A devoted netizen who has seen the worst of the Internet
  • A materialistic, money-loving city-girl

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