Brewing Hair Troubles

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|8th May 2017- 8:41pm|

Apparently, I have super oil-clogged follicles on my scalp which is causing my premature hair fall.

This was brought repeatedly to my attention by the lady at the Yun Nam Hair Centre who kept clucking her tongue at me and giving me the I-can’t-believe-you-let-your-scalp-be-so-horrible look.

Okay, I get it lady so repeating that I am the worst case you ever saw in my age group.

As I left with my battered pride, I knew I had to do something by myself. By something, I don’t mean signing up for the $321 3-sessions hair treatment that the lady kept promoting and pushing.

Bitch, I’m poor as fuck.

By something, I mean home DIY disaster prone recipes to clear my hair follicles which I just did 15 min ago.

After extensive research, apparently baking soda as shampoo and apple cider vinegar as conditioner work miracles. So I went to the store to get some baking soda and clarifying shampoo and conveniently there’s apple cider vinegar in the fridge for god knows why.

I brought a measuring cup, a glass container and my materials to the toilet, feeling like a freaking scientist ready to conduct some experiment. I followed the recipe religiously but somehow on the way got a little bit carried away with the endothermic reaction that was happening.

I poured the concoction onto my hair not exactly knowing why I am I doing this. It was really weird. But, if it works, I will do this religiously twice every week.

Crossing my fingers to see how my hair would feel after it dries.


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