Death to Studying

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|6th May 2017- 3:19pm|

Ahhh I don’t want to study.

Writing this to procrastinate my day away- will definitely regret this.


So I shall now plan what I want to do after my A-levels:


  • Will travel with my family to Japan- Hokkaido, Tokyo, Kyoto etc.
  • Travel with friends- Korea, Taiwan maybe even Australia?


  • Intern at maybe a editing/advertising or copy-writing firm?
  • Want to try out and see whether the courses I am interested in is really as interesting as it is in reality

Dye my hair 

  • Lord, have been waiting for ever for this
  • Definitely ombre with ash grey or any ashy colours that would go well with the brown in my hair

Revamp wardrobe

  • I have lost count of how many times I wanted/tried to revamp my wardrobe
  • Going for the elegant/classy vibe to the minimalist slightly edgy casual look

Artify my room 

  • Create a map on the wall for travel logs
  • Complete the scarpbook for the Europe trip for the love of God

So far, I guess that’s pretty much all I could think of. Will update this in the days to come!


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