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|April 17th 2017- 9:19pm|

Oh my lord Jesus.

Just got back my PW grade. It’s an A. Thank God.

The feeling of relief when you see it bracketed ‘A’ on the small rectangle slip of paper is so overwhelming.

I kind of knew(?) that I would do alright because the night before I took a short nap after dinner and I dreamt that I received my PW comments and it was filled with mostly ticks and the general feeling of the dream was just filled with happiness.

Yeah so my premonition was correct. Now, one less thing to dread and another dreadful date to look forward to which is PTM.

My MCT grades was not astonishing and at most slightly disappointing. It makes me wonder whether I am average at this stage or am I on the right track? But whatever it is I am not doing as well as I want myself to do and I need to buck up so hard. Worse still, I did not tell my parents of my grades, I can definitely smell the impending doom over here. Here is a quick breakdown of my grades:


  • 1 more fucking mark to an A (even though its only comprehension-but thats not the point here) good job me 
  • Slightly salty that others got way higher that I did for AQ so I need to push that to a 7 at least 
  • Summary was shockingly high with a 7 even though I was stumped at a lot of words? God miracle 


  • P1SB didn’t do as well as I thought I would do, quite disheartening. Apparently, I am missing a lot of linguistic discussion which I will now aim to spam and go in detail in my further essay practices 
  • P2SA quite an improvement from the previous one I did, a great leap from 10 to 15. Now I just need to tweak my notes to improve it 
  • Seniors also came back to talk and give advice. I think I feel more relieved knowing that people are experiencing the same emotions as me and eventually they pulled through it. The dark cave metaphor got me damn shook though 

History: C

  • My SBQ was a fucking miracle with an 18 omg. Mr Seng. 
  • The rest of the essays had minor improvements, at least I broke out of the 13/14 range which by itself is also another miracle 
  • A-I conflict essay was a total flunk (totally expected- since I literally tried studying for it like 2 hours before the paper) This brings me to the point that I need to start studying for history way earlier because this time I woke up at 2am to start studying which is definitely not feasible and sustainable in the long run. Mr Seng individual consultation got me motivated thought to try to bring history to at least a B next time 

Math: D

  • /cries/ what happened????? Integration was a total mess. I need to revise my past topics. 
  • I deserved it though again lack of practice beforehand 

Chemistry: U

  • Don’t even get me started on this. My hopes for chemistry is dashed. Totally demoralised. I practiced this more than usual but the results are still totally horrendous 
  • I hate chemistry so much. 
  • It will be a pure miracle if I even passed this 

Hell, I am going to try to set up a studying schedule for June hols and make sure that I push almost all the subjects to a A/B range with the exception of Chemistry (take it slow bruh lets just push it up to an E/D range)

But that aside, today is a happy day. I’ve done whatever I could to score that easy As, now its time to start cracking for business.


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