Once Again Over Ambitious Planning 

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|March 18th 2017- 5:26pm|

Disclaimer: This is going to be a list of possibly over ambitious plans to change my habits. (in which 70% will result in a failure but will write it out anyways to satisfy my guilt ridden self)

As I sit at MacDonald hopelessly trying to memorise tons of material I am compelled to come up with a list in attempt to turn over a new leaf, ignoring the fact that I have made at least 5 futile lists with the same aims and goals.

But good news, CO has finally ended. Honestly, I cannot bring myself to cry sentimental tears as I reminisce about memories which previously haunted me and now is considered “precious”. I glad for the experience but rather than missing it I’m relieved that it can live as a distant memory in the abyss of my mind. The friendships made there are truly the ones not to be forgotten.

Another reflection for the end of this CO journey is that my batch mates always say something on the line of “you guys need to bond earlier with your juniors or else it will be too late” or “I wish I would have done something earlier” and I vehemently disagree with this statement. Even if given the ability to travel back to the past, I doubt I would have bonded with my juniors more or anything. It is precisely because we have elevated to the roles of seniors that we are able to have to mental capacity to appreciate the relationships and bonds formed. Its all part of the journey, I mean, just embrace it. Its honestly too dumb to regret something that we lack the culpability to accomplish when we were younger.

Sometimes its quite sickening and mind boggling to see people so sentimental and bawling their eyes out.

Or maybe I am just a heartless bitch with a stone cold heart which I once again agree wholeheartedly.

Okay, now on to the list:

1. Need to stop lying on my bed. Avoid the bed at all costs

2. Stop staying at home to study. Go out

3. Revise at least 1 chapter from 1 subject everyday. Or write notes for a chapter

4. Make mindmaps, summaries, cue cards, quizlet

5. Stop using the phone (honestly biggest source of the problem)

I’m just going to stick by this few points and hopefully it will work out


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